Osaka Office :06-6365-1286
Tokyo Office tel:03-3230-4657

Dissertation correction service (English check/English editing)

We will help you submit medical manuscripts to overseas journals
• An experienced physician and a medical writer whose native language is English will read your manuscript and edit it as if it were their own. 
• We will also edit manuscripts in accordance with journal guidelines.
• To see editing samples, click on the Check or the Edit button. We offer 2 services, Check and Edit, which vary in the extent of rewriting.
• Reasons for the rewrite are explained for major parts seeming to require explanation. (Only when Edit is ordered)
• We have a package service including translation, Edit, and submission to a journal.

The Check and Edit flow is as shown below:

1. Documents are received and delivered via email.
We use Word for Windows for this purpose. If encoding problems arise sending or receiving a Word format document, we may ask you to send a text file.
2. Please click on the Check button to see the sample rewrite for Check.
3. Please click on the Edit button to see the sample rewrite for Edit.