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Enterprise concept

Our Company

We are very concerned about whether our customers are satisfied with our services.  It is important to us, as a service provider, because it brings significance to our work and, at the same time, it affects our survival in this business.   To help achieve this, we have been pursuing our pledges, practices, and policy.

Our Pledges

We believe that customers outsourcing business processes look for speed, cost,  and expertise in services.  We are doing our best to address them.  From quality translation to strict observance of due dates, intended use of documents, and document file type, we give our utmost consideration to your priorities when doing our job.  It is natural that your expectations are high in this global competition, but we promise to provide you our best services.


Our Practices

We have been making every effort to improve the expertise of staff members and to build a team of selected companies and individuals. 
Since our inception in 1967, our team of translators, editors, DTP operators, and the companies we are in close contact with has expanded extensively and globally especially in the last 20 years.   Such a global network is essential for a company that provides types of services directly related to communication among different cultures. 
As to the expertise of our staff members, we provide regular training so that our services to our customers are as good as they can be and up to date. 
With our infrastructure employing the latest software and our offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya all connected by VPN, we both safeguard information and provide optimum effectiveness and efficiency.  We continuously put every effort into improving our workplace to keep our speed, cost, and expertise up to date.

Our Policy

We provide services that our customers are happy and satisfied with.  We carry out our everyday activities with this in mind.  We believe this is the way to gain job satisfaction while we grow and prosper. 
It is crucial for us to be trusted by customers if we are to grow and to prosper.  To win the trust of customers, customers must be happy and satisfied with our services.  Our approach to attain this is to strictly observe our pledges and practices. 
We know that each and every satisfaction of our customer is a building block of their trust in us, and at the same time, their satisfaction gives us our satisfaction as a service provider.