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Information security management policy

  1. We aim to provide our clients with reliable translations in highly specialized fields.
  2. We focus on training our staff, including the translators, while striving to continually improve the quality of translations and expand our expertise.
  3. We constantly plan and implement quality-related activities and contribute to society through business development.
  4. We review our activities and work practices in order to continuously make improvements.
  5. We comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and rules.


In order to implement this quality policy, we set a quality target for each fiscal year and ensure ongoing improvement by having each division pursue the target. We clarify the managerial resources required in the annual management plan and provide sufficient resources to ensure continual improvement. We ensure that the importance of fulfilling the requests of clients and meeting all legal requirements are fully understood within the organization. In addition, the managerial staff personally review the quality management system to search for further improvements.

February 1, 2013
Yamada Translation Bureau, Inc.
President: Ryukichi Yamada